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What’s on TV – 6-12th November 2010

Farewell Simon MacCorkindale 1952-2010

Best known as

Simon joined the cast of Casualty in 2002 as Dr Harry Harper, the hospital’s popular clinical lead consultant. He left the show in 2008.

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What’s on TV – 8-14th March 2008

Harry’s Sacked!

The doctor is given his marching orders by hospital bosses…

There are tears all round this week when A&E stalwart Harry Harper bids farewell to his colleagues. After deciding to leak Ruth’s diary to the press, the senior consultant is forced to leave the ward.

‘Harry believes that Ruth’s diary highlights the pressure doctors are under,’ says Simon MacCorkindale, who’s played the doc for six years. ‘But he put his career on the line and he knows he has to go.’ After an emotional goodbye, he visits his old pal Charlie at a private clinic and asks him to return to Holby.

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What’s on TV – February 2006

Simon MacCorkindale as Harry Harper in CasualtyNo Child Of Mine

Ellen Shocks Harry when she tells him she’s pregnant

Harry Harper’s walking around the A&E department with the weight of the world on his shoulders at the moment.

Not only is the consultant facing battles with corporate manager Nathan Spencer about how the casualty department should be run, but he’s also fed up with being the subject of hospital gossip after everyone found out about his brief affair with nurse Ellen Zitek.

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What’s On TV – 10th September 2002

Bad day at the office

As Casualty returns for a new series, Harry Harper is going to wish he hadn’t got out of bed.

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Consultant Harry Harper is spending what he hopes will be a nice day out at the fair with his kids. But you just know that, this being the first episode in a new series of CASUALTY, disaster is looming.

Sure enough, it’s not long before Harry is dealing with one of the biggest and goriest disasters ever to hit Holby – a crash involving the air ambulance which is called to an emergency at the fair.

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What’s on TV – June 2002

The new consultant is set to cause quite a stir…

Simon MacCorkindale reckons fate played a big part in him landing the role of CASUALTY’s suave new consultant, Harry Harper.

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He’s recently moved to a new home, not far from where CASUALTY is made, and was looking for a local company to make him a mask for his character in the Sky 1 series Relic Hunter.

And it was then that he found himself wandering onto the CASUALTY set in Bristol, to meet the hospital drama’s special effects team.

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