What’s on TV – February 2006

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Simon MacCorkindale as Harry Harper in CasualtyNo Child Of Mine

Ellen Shocks Harry when she tells him she’s pregnant

Harry Harper’s walking around the A&E department with the weight of the world on his shoulders at the moment.

Not only is the consultant facing battles with corporate manager Nathan Spencer about how the casualty department should be run, but he’s also fed up with being the subject of hospital gossip after everyone found out about his brief affair with nurse Ellen Zitek.

So, how is he going to react when Ellen drops the bombshell this week that she’s pregnant with his child? ‘As if things couldn’t get any worse!’ laughs Simon MacCorkindale who plays the moody medic.

‘He finished the affair after finding out their colleagues were gossiping about them. Ellen was distraught, so he’s not really surprised when she keeps trying to speak to him this week.’

Finally, Ellen gets Harry alone, however he’s not had the best of days and reacts badly to her news.

‘When Ellen tels him she’s pregnant, he doesn’t belive her,’ says Simon, 53. ‘He knows she wants to get bak with him and thinks it’s another one of her ploys.’

Ellen is totally crushed when Harry asks her to prove that she’s pregnant and ends up slapping him before storming off in a huff.

The latest romance saga is yet another of Harry’s disastrous luck with women since his wife Beth died in a car accident.

He was rejected by Lara and Selena, and now seems to have a nurse stalking him. And he won’t have much luck in the future if he continues to be so grouchy. Will we ever see the softer side of Harry again?

‘I hope so,’ say Simon who lives in Devon, with his actress wife Susan George. ‘Why not? We should see him at home with his shirt off. No – that’s too much!’

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