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Series: Casualty
Episode: S18Ep46 – Ring of Truth
First Aired: 28 August 2004
Character: Harry Harper

Description: It was the day of the wedding. Abs arrived at Simon’s house only to catch him with the woman he met last week. Abs was outraged but a defensive Simon threw him out. Simon asked Jim to be best man. Bex overheard Luke and Claire discussing their kiss last week. A distraught Bex slapped Claire. Abs rushed to the wedding to tell Lara about Simon’s infidelities. While Jim was flying Simon to the venue, a distraught Lara phoned Simon to call off the wedding. In frustration, Simon took out a packet of pills which he dropped under Jim’s seat. As he struggled to get them, Jim lost control of the plane. They crashed and although Jim managed to escape, Simon was caught in the explosion. When the others saw the smoke, they rushed to the crash. They fought to save Simon but were they too late? Meanwhile, Lara fled the wedding with Harry. Oblivious to the crash, she instructed him to take her to the airport. She called ahead and bought a one way ticket to Australia.


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