Sun TV Guide – 5-11th November 2005

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There are fireworks when flirty Ellen goes to Harry’s house to cheer him up

After a tiring day at work, Harry is feeling like a damp squib. But Ellen is determined to put some fireworks into his life – quite literally.

“Harry is feeling grumpy after a hard day, but Ellen’s actions soon put a smile on his face,” says Simon MacCorkindale, who plays the dashing medic.

When Ellen asks if Harry is taking his children to the firework display, Harry explains that he has had a stressful shift and is going home to relax.

Ellen argues that it’s unfair on his kids not to join in the festivities, but Harry is adamant. Going to the display is the last thing he fancies doing right now.

However, flirty Ellen isn’t one to give up easily. She turns up later at his house with bags full of fireworks, sweets and cakes. She explains to a startled Harry, “I thought that if you won’t take your children to the fireworks display, I’ll bring it all to you!”

When Harry asks why she has gone to such lengths, Ellen explains she did it for his kids. But she also lets it slip that she thought it might cheer him up too…

“Harry is overwhelmed, but pleased,” says Simon. “Ellen has gently been making a play for him.

“He was impressed when she offered to look after his kids when his au pair quit. Not only did she put them to bed, but the house was spotless and he had a cooked dinner waiting for him.

“Harry is a lonely man and Ellen is slowly but surely winning him over.”

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