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Sun TV Guide – 8-14th March 2008

Harry Harper works his last Casualty shift this week when he leaves after exposing troubled colleague Ruth’s diary to the press, Simon MacCorkindale, who plays him, is delighted Harry isn’t departing on a stretcher! “Often in these shows, characters get blown up, shot or stabbed to death,” smiles Simon, 56. “Doctors do take great risks, but few get shot or stabbed!”


The Sun TV Guide – Unknown Date 2008

The cast of Casualty reckon that their colleague Simon MacCorkindale takes his role as top medic Harry Harper so seriously that they wish he was a real doctor!

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The Sun TV Guide – 29 September 2007

Simon MacCorkindale as Harry Harper in CasualtyTo the rescue

Harry is back to help – to Nathan’s horror!

Harry Harper makes a triumphant return to the A&E department -but not everyone is pleased. His new job as consultant manager means he’s now arch-rival Nathan’s boss!

The medic finally returns following Guppy’s pleas for him to come back to the troubled hospital.

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Sun TV Guide – 5-11th November 2005

There are fireworks when flirty Ellen goes to Harry’s house to cheer him up

After a tiring day at work, Harry is feeling like a damp squib. But Ellen is determined to put some fireworks into his life – quite literally.

“Harry is feeling grumpy after a hard day, but Ellen’s actions soon put a smile on his face,” says Simon MacCorkindale, who plays the dashing medic.

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