The Sun TV Guide – 29 September 2007

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Simon MacCorkindale as Harry Harper in CasualtyTo the rescue

Harry is back to help – to Nathan’s horror!

Harry Harper makes a triumphant return to the A&E department -but not everyone is pleased. His new job as consultant manager means he’s now arch-rival Nathan’s boss!

The medic finally returns following Guppy’s pleas for him to come back to the troubled hospital.

“Guppy went to see Harry for help,” explains Simon MacCorkindale, who plays Harry. “That makes Harry consider whether the best thing for the department is for him to be in Westminster, or if he needs to get back to the hospital.”

The consultant quit in February when he became MP for Holby. His last visit to the hospital this summer ended in heartbreak when Selena was gunned down and he delivered her and Nathan’s premature baby. Nathan, still grieving for the loss of his daughter, Angel, is horrified to find Harry’s back.

“People kept asking what was going to happen between Harry and Nathan,” smiles Simon, 55. “I told everyone it was going to be a slow, nasty, painful death. Now I get back and find out I’m being rather nice to him!”

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