SMCFP On This Day: The Unexpected Guest (UK Tour)


Production: The Unexpected Guest (UK Tour)
First Performance: 9 January 2007
Character: Michael Starkwedder

Description: This was Simon’s first performance of The Unexpected Guest at the Theatre Royal in Windsor

Quotes: May contain spoilers

  • He’s been shot . . . In the head
  • Are you asleep?
  • For the simple reason, I suppose, that you’re an attractive women
  • Canada, that’s a nice long way away, would take time to chase up
  • A bit tricky with gloves
  • I would have expected him to have worn gloves
  • They still at it? (Re: Liberals)
  • Well I’m damned
  • Women ARE wonderful
  • I can put together a very good case for MacGregor having been the killer
  • And then on a misty night comes here
  • I’ve got a gun and so have you, I count to 3 and we both fire
  • And in his haste to get away, rams his car into a ditch


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