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Mrs MacCorkindale’s 90th Birthday

12106969_931348810282702_7691344342165713539_nSusan George uploaded a picture to her social media showing Mrs MacCorkindale at a surprise party celebrating her 90th Birthday

It took a little subterfuge to busy around all day organising with her in the house but with my girlfriend Peggy helping me and another Ann, preparing a sumptuous supper in the back kitchen, we managed to keep the secret.The evening was a very special one and I will always remember the smile on mum’s beautiful face. My late husband Simon would have been so proud.

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Susan George Twitter/Facebook Photo

Susan posted a photo of her and the MacCorkindales over Christmas on her Twitter and Facebook pages.

Lovely photo showing Simon’s mother, brother and nephews

Via Twitter


Susan George Facebook Photo

Susan posted a photo of Tenor MacCorkindale, Simon’s dog.  In one of our site interviews Simon called him human and you can see why.  Lovely eyes

Link to Facebook Photo


Susan George Facebook Photo

Susan’s Facebook photo showing, Susan, Simon, Dwina Gibb and Robin Gibb

Link to Facebook photo


Simon News – Simon is NOT on FaceBook

I’ve had a number of emails about this from members from this site saying ‘Simon MacCorkindale’ has added them as a friend on Facebook. I already knew if it was true or not, however I did ask Simon the question. (I think a lot of members also knew the answer too)

Simon MacCorkindale wrote:
No I am not on facebook or any other site other than your official site and the few other unofficial ones that I have no contact with.

I was impressed by that response – I was expecting ‘What’s Facebook?’

Suffice to say I expect the ‘Susan George’ one to be the same.

Simon is not connected with any Facebook profile or group

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