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Lasting Life – Charity Dinner

Lasting Life pebbleLast night I was honoured to be invited to the charity dinner to celebrate the launch of Lasting Life The Simon MacCorkindale Legacy.  Although I was somewhat nervous, everyone was there to celebrate Simon, raise awareness for the charity and to look to the future.  It’s always good to hear lot of wonderful things about Simon, he touched many lives in different ways.

The night was rather emotional, but you could feel the love in the room for Simon and Susan as well.  There was also lots of fun and some singing and dancing.  It was very well organised and perfect way to celebrate the start of this new adventure.

We were given a pebble with a carved heart representing the stacked pebbles in the Lasting Life logo.

For me personally it was the best possible way to start off our year of Simon.  My year just started a day early.

Thank you, Susan, for the invite


Daily Express – Simon MacCorkindale’s Memorial

Express article on Simon MacCorkindale’s Memorial

TRIBUTES were paid to the “shining light and life” of Simon MacCorkindale yesterday as 200 friends attended a memorial service in London.
The actor’s widow, actress Susan George, 63, said of her husband of 28 years: “He was the love of my life. He was my rock.”

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SMCFP – Simon MacCorkindale’s Memorial

A memorial for Simon was held today at the Actors Church, St Paul’s in Covent Gardens. I was honoured to be invited and able to attend to represent Simon’s fans.

It was a very moving service with everyone in agreement at how approachable, kind, caring, hard-working and passionate Simon was and how he adored Susan.

A very fitting tribute to Simon.

Happy birthday Corky, you are still missed


BBC America – 11th June 2012

20 Sexiest British Celebs of Yesteryear

Simon and wife Susan both made BBC America’s list of 20 Sexiest British Celebs of Yesteryear

BBC America look at the sexiest Brits of days gone by, the stars with posh accents who have tempted us through the ages

Male No 9. Simon MacCorkindale

Talk about your evenly matched celebrity couples – MacCorkindale married Susan George, who made our sexy females list, back in 1984. The actor scored a cult following from the cancelled early ’80s series Manimal, which had the rather ridiculous conceit of a protagonist who could shape-shift into animals. MacCorkindale sold it with panache. He left us far too soon due to cancer back in 2010.

Female No 5. Susan George

One of the rambunctious beauties of the swinging ’60s. Her sex appeal was used against her to disturbing effect in a controversial rape scene in Sam Peckinpah‘s Straw Dogs.

Full article – link now offline, details above:

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Simon News – Manimal on DVD

Manimal will be released by Fabulous Films on DVD 30th April 2012 11th June 2012 Aug 27 2012.

No art work is available yet but Artwork available in the gallery. You can also pre-order a copy at or at Fabulous Films

If you wish to discuss this you can here


Simon News – Memorial

I’ve had a number of people ask about Simon’s funeral, I can give the following information:

There will be a private service, for family and friends only in the very near future.

There will also be a memorial at a later date (possibly later this year, but could be in the new year) which we can do something for, most probably flowers.

I’ll let everyone know further details as soon as I am aware of them

Edit 15th January 2011:  As of yet, nothing has been arranged

If you wish to discuss this you can here


Simon News – Simon Passes Away

It was announced earlier today that Simon MacCorkindale passed away last night in a London Clinic.

Our thoughts are with his friends and family at this time

If you wish to discuss this you can here


Simon News – New Tricks – Update

The new series of  New Tricks is due to air in September.

Looking at Digiguide the first episode will air 10th September, as Simon said his was the second episode so it should air on the 17th September 2010, unless they’ve changed the running order.

Edit: Simon has said his role is very small.

Update 17/09: Simon’s episode will be 8th October, so a little bit more of a wait:

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Simon News – 13 Hrs – Update

Update on 13 Hrs, a film Simon has a minor role in.

It’s getting a premier at Frightfest in August in London’s West End, see link for more details

Edit: Another update on this – is due to be released on DVD 25th October 2010

Pre-Order 13 Hours at Amazon

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Simon News – New Tricks

We all know Simon can’t sit still for too long so I have pleasure in confirming that next week Simon will start filming for a one off episode of New Tricks:

Simon MacCorkindale wrote:
Doing an episode of New Tricks tho’ starting next week. 2nd Episode of new season. No idea of transmission date

It will be a few months away at least, but we will see Simon again on our screens shortly


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Simon News – 13 Hrs

I’ve been waiting for information for this, I’ve had the title of this for a few weeks but have been waiting to post it.

Simon’s other ‘minor’ role he filmed during his Sound of Music run is called 13 Hrs. I’m just trying to find out more info about Simon’s character


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Simon News – Simon is NOT on FaceBook

I’ve had a number of emails about this from members from this site saying ‘Simon MacCorkindale’ has added them as a friend on Facebook. I already knew if it was true or not, however I did ask Simon the question. (I think a lot of members also knew the answer too)

Simon MacCorkindale wrote:
No I am not on facebook or any other site other than your official site and the few other unofficial ones that I have no contact with.

I was impressed by that response – I was expecting ‘What’s Facebook?’

Suffice to say I expect the ‘Susan George’ one to be the same.

Simon is not connected with any Facebook profile or group

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Simon News – A Closed Book

Working title: Blind Man’s Bluff

Simon plays Andrew Boles

Simon MacCorkindale wrote:
I did one scene as a literary agent for mates who were producing it – it stars Tom Conti and Daryl Hannah with several cameos – this was a nice bit of fun – script is good.

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Simon News – Sound Of Music

Simon is to be appearing in the West End Production of The Sound Of Music from the 25th August

Simon is expecting to do all dates between 25th August to 21st February (not to 28th). He will have 15 days off but we don’t know when yet.

All details are subject to change so please confirm with the theatre when booking

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Simon News – Minor Update

Simon MacCorkindale wrote:

Dear Michele,

Thank you very much for the really lovely gifts you and Michael’s fans sent to us to the theatre on Saturday. They were a super surprise and a terrific send off to the tour. We had a great week in Newcastle to finish and, as always, it was lovely to see some of the members who have all been so faithful and supportive throughout.

I will keep you posted as to what is next. For now, I have to catch up with my life.

Love and best wishes


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Simon News – Sleuth 2008 Tour

Simon will be appearing in a touring production of Sleuth, starting on 22nd January 2008 in Windsor for two weeks, then to various locations around the UK on a 16 week tour (starting 4th February and ending 25th May? – if my maths is right – so any dates after this will be without Simon, if the play continues) (Edit – see dates below)

At present the only other location I can confirm is The Grand in Wolverhampton in April. More details as soon as I’m aware of them but it’s still a long time away for details to come too quickly.

This probably means he will be leaving Casualty at the end of the year as most of us suspected, but no confirmation of that yet. (Edit – has now been confirmed)

Still no new locations confirmed, yet. But tickets are already on sale for both Wolves and Windsor.

All details are subject to change so please confirm with the theatre when booking

Simon has confirmed that he’ll start rehearsals for Sleuth on January 14th (this might be earlier now too)

Simon’s co star will be Micheal Praed and we will be sharing details with his official site so we can keep as up to date as possible. (Micheal will be playing Milo, so Simon will be playing Andrew(?)) Micheal Praed Official Site (added 01/11/07)

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