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Jackie – 2nd February 1980

Simon MacCorkindaleA real hunk if ever there was one is the mouth-watering Simon MacCorkindale – just look at those eyes! Simon’s been doing a lot of film work recently, not least of which was working with Michael York, but for TV coverage it had to be his role in that gripping series “Quatermass” that kept us all glued to and panting around our TV screens!


Jackie – 20th October 1979

Not So Simple Simon

Simon MacCorkindale as Joe Kapp in QuatermassGorgeous Simon MacCorkindale who’s starring in the exciting if a little horrifying, series “Quatermass”, is one of those men you meet who are almost too good to be true – tall, dark blond hair and very, very handsome! And just to finish things off, he always looks impeccably dressed and he’s always smiling . .

You can meet Simon in any number of difficult situations but never see him being bad tempered. Whatever he may be feeling under that suntanned smile, it never shows.

Basically, Simon just has to be everyone’s idea of the perfect Englishman, and he’s certainly ours!

When I spoke to Simon at his home he told me that he’s trying very hard to lose this public school image.

“Although it is difficult,” he said, “because I went to public school.My whole background is typical of the image – public school and then the Army.

So you’ll realise that the decision to become an actor was a fairly difficult one.

It was a bit of a shock for my parents, but I must say that after the initial horror was over they took it pretty well. I suppose they had to, really, because by the time I told them, I’d definitely made up my mind!”

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