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Radio Times – 2nd to 8th November 2002


Simon MacCorkindale

Casualty Saturdays BBC1
Name Simon MacCorkindale
Age 50
Education Haileybury College, Hertfordshire, Studio 68 of Theatre Arts, London
Role Call Could easily have been typecast as an urbane hunk, but has achieved a diverse gallery of roles – from classics to soaps – in TV, film and theatre.  Also a writer, director and producer who runs his own production company, Amy International, with his actress wife, Susan George


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SMCFP On This Day: Quatermass – An Endangered Species


Series: Quatermass
Episode: S1Ep4 – An Endangered Species
First Aired: 14 November 1979
Character: Joe Kapp

Description: Quatermass emerges from the car park to find the stadium empty. So many have now been harvested that the particles of dust in the air have turned the sky green. Kapp attempts to repair his equipment in order to contact the alien presence, but the Planet People destroy his efforts. They try to persuade him to join them but he refuses, convinced now that his family are dead. Quatermass, aided by Gurov, who has travelled to London from Moscow, assembles a team of scientists to find a solution. He deliberately selects old people for the task as they are immune to the effects of the alien force. Quatermass decides to set a trap. He plans to fake the presence of a large gathering of Planet People at Kapp’s observatory and, when the force comes, to detonate a nuclear weapon

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SMCFP On This Day: Quatermass – What Lies Beneath


Series: Quatermass
Episode: S1Ep3 – What Lies Beneath
First Aired: 7 November 1979
Character: Joe Kapp

Description: Quatermass is rescued by a group of elderly people living in a scrap yard. At the hospital, the doctors are shocked when Isabel levitates off her bed and explodes in a cloud of dust. Elsewhere, the devastated Kapp is left alone in the ruins of his cottage and observatory. More and more young people are joining the Planet People, including the gangs that have been terrorising the cities and the soldiers assigned to keep them away from the Megalithic sites.

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SMCFP On This Day: Quatermass – Lovely Lightning


Series: Quatermass
Episode: S1Ep2 – Lovely Lightning
First Aired: 31 October 1979
Character: Joe Kapp

Description: Following the devastation at Ringstone Round, Quatermass hears of similar incidents worldwide and returns to London with district commissioner Annie Morgan and a Ringstone ‘survivor’ Isabel. En route they become separated in a shootout between rival gangs. Meanwhile, the beam of light descends again – near Joe Kapp’s home.

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SMCFP On This Day: Quatermass – Ringstone Round


Series: Quatermass
Episode: S1Ep1 – Ringstone Round
First Aired: 24 October 1979
Character: Joe Kapp

Description: Professor Quatermass comes out of retirement to search for his missing granddaughter and finds a world on the verge of anarchy, and an American-Russian space station destroyed by unknown forces. He is befriended by astronomer Joe Kapp and they witness the obliteration of thousands of Planet People by a beam of light at the stone circle, Ringstone Round.

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Jackie – 20th October 1979

Not So Simple Simon

Simon MacCorkindale as Joe Kapp in QuatermassGorgeous Simon MacCorkindale who’s starring in the exciting if a little horrifying, series “Quatermass”, is one of those men you meet who are almost too good to be true – tall, dark blond hair and very, very handsome! And just to finish things off, he always looks impeccably dressed and he’s always smiling . .

You can meet Simon in any number of difficult situations but never see him being bad tempered. Whatever he may be feeling under that suntanned smile, it never shows.

Basically, Simon just has to be everyone’s idea of the perfect Englishman, and he’s certainly ours!

When I spoke to Simon at his home he told me that he’s trying very hard to lose this public school image.

“Although it is difficult,” he said, “because I went to public school.My whole background is typical of the image – public school and then the Army.

So you’ll realise that the decision to become an actor was a fairly difficult one.

It was a bit of a shock for my parents, but I must say that after the initial horror was over they took it pretty well. I suppose they had to, really, because by the time I told them, I’d definitely made up my mind!”

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