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Radio Times – 27 Aug to 02 Sept 2005

Simon MacCorkindaleOne Final Question

For an actor who’s survived more deaths than most, the original Mr Manimal remains optimistic


There’s a Casualty/Holby City special this Saturday. What is it?

It’s an organ donation episode. It’s the end of the BBC’s organ donor week, and we’ve combined with Holby to do a story that is organ-donor driven but has some reality TV elements to it.


What, as in people will vote out the organ they don’t like?

No. We’ve already created the drama part but the programme’s going to be bookended by Professor Robert Winston who makes an appeal in order to promote the notion of donation, which is also being pronounced as Do-Nation – as in the nation should respond by getting on to the organ donation register.

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Radio Times – 2nd to 8th November 2002


Simon MacCorkindale

Casualty Saturdays BBC1
Name Simon MacCorkindale
Age 50
Education Haileybury College, Hertfordshire, Studio 68 of Theatre Arts, London
Role Call Could easily have been typecast as an urbane hunk, but has achieved a diverse gallery of roles – from classics to soaps – in TV, film and theatre.  Also a writer, director and producer who runs his own production company, Amy International, with his actress wife, Susan George


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606 views – Radio Times – 8-14th June 2002

Simon MacCorkindale, back on television as Casualty’s new consultant, has been delivering foals rather than lines of late…

This site looks like it’s no longer online, so here is the full article.

I was never too comfortable as a young actor and always felt that my best time in the business would be around now – I’m 50 – through to the age of 65 I’ve been doing a lot of production work in the past ten years, as well as writing and directing, so the opportunity to do something very visible – in a great part – was much too good to miss My character in Casualty [new consultant Harry Harper] is a disciplinarian, slightly old-fashioned, but pretty cool I’ve been filming since February and it’s a really nice show to be in – egos are at a minimum.

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