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Simon Says – Issue 3 – Part 5 of 5

Spotlight on Simon – Part III

LP: Tell us about your movie Riddle of The Sands.

SM: Yes, it’s a film I made in 1977 with Michael York and Jenny Agutter.


LP: Tell us about that character

SM: He’s one of my favourite characters, a guycalled Arthur Davies.  He’s from a book, a classic novel written in 1901 by an Irishman called Erskine Childers.  The story basically is about Arthur, who goes sailing around the Friesian Islands just off the north coast of Germany, and while he is there he comes upon some strange goings on and discovers that there is a plot to invade England by the Kaiser, which flat bottom boats coming over to the east coast.  He calls his friend from the foreign office who is a guy called Carouthers, played by Michael York, and between us we go about finding out what is going on and we actually manage to stop it.

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Simon Says – Issue 3 – Part 4 of 5

Bloopers and Giggles

There have been several times during Simon’s career when, while making a movie or TV show, there have been out-takes (bloopers) or occasions in which Simon and the other actors burst into uncontrollable laughter.  Simon has consented to share a few with us.  If you enjoy reading about these, please encourage him to tell us more.

The first is a blooper, the second an uncontrollable giggle.  Both are from Riddle of The Sands.

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Simon Says – Issue 2 – Part 6 of 9

Riddle – Still a Riddle

RIDDLE OF THE SANDS, a movie Simon filmed a few years ago with Micheal York and Jenny Agutter, was slated for a January ’83 release in the United States.  Due to perplexing delays in editing and other procedures, RIDDLE is still on the shelf, in spite of the fact that there are fans anxiously waiting to see it.  Once these problems are ironed out, Simon will be asked to do some promotional work for the film.  We can only hope, for his sake, that promotions for RIDDLE, MANIMAL and JAWS don’t all hit at the same time. (Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo!)

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Look Now – July 1979

Simon MacCorkindale as Arthur Davis in Riddle Of The SandsThe Riddle of Simon MacCorkindale

We’ve looked into the riddle of Simon’s career and now it’s easy to see why his popularity is on the up and up and success is following success.

Simon MacCorkindale admitted cheerfully that he quite like Arthur Davies, the character he plays in his new film, The Riddle Of The Sands. In the film, Simon shares the honours with Michael York and Jenny Agutter and the result is a stylish thriller set in 1901, in which two splendid, young Englishmen manage to foil a dastardly German plot for the invasion of Britain. 

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SMCFP On This Day: The Riddle of the Sands


Film: The Riddle of the Sands
First Aired: 16th March 1979
Character: Arthur Davies

Description: In the early years of the 20th Century, two British yachtsmen (Michael York and Simon MacCorkindale) stumble upon a German plot to invade the east coast of England in a flotilla of specially designed barges. They set out to thwart this terrible scheme, but must outwit not only the cream of the German Navy, but the feared Kaiser Wilhelm himself.

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Film Review – September 1978

**Taken from a larger article

Simon MacCorkindale as Arthur Davis in Riddle Of The SandsSimon MacCorkindale, 26, provides Jenny’s romantic interest in The Riddle Of The Sands. In real-life, he is married to talented young actress Fiona Fullerton.

“It’s a super part for me,” Simon exclaimed. “I had just finished my role in Death On The Nile when this film came along. Jenny and I were sent on a crash course to Cowes to learn all we could about sailing to make us look convincing on the screen.

“I had wanted to be an actor since I was about ten or eleven years old. My family had nothing to do with acting, and I first sprang it on them when I was about sixteen. Fiona’s father is an Army Colonel, and my father is a Squadron-Leader, so we both shared a Services background. We didn’t meet through our families, but indirectly through our work. The discipline is very similar in both professions. I wouldn’t have minded a career in the Services, but acting just happened to appeal to me more.”



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