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Sunday People – 14th December 1980

Watch it Yanks, Simon’s coming

HOW’S THIS for confidence! That most English of actors Simon MacCorkindale is all set to conquer America—although he admits: “I am not a great talent and I’ll never win an Oscar.”

But being ” a workaholic and a great trier,” he is convinced he’ll succeed. writes TONY PURNELL.

He began his campaign to be a big name on both sides of the Atlantic when he was named promising new actor of 1979 for his part in the Agatha Christie film Death On The Nile.

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Photoplay – October 1979

Simon MacCorkindale as Lewis Clarkson in CaboBlancoScrabble With Bronson

Simon MacCorkindale talks about filming CABO BLANCO in Mexico with Charles Bronson

Soon after Simon MacCorkindale returned home from Mexico filming Cabo Blanco with Charles Bronson, we arranged to meet in a London bar.

“How was Bronson?” I asked him.

“Not an easy man to get close to,” said Simon. “I liked him and we got along quite well but on a very superficial level. He sort of withdraws from the world. That’s his protection. He’s also very much a family man. The only time we talked was during working hours. I did play scrabble with him between scenes to pass the time.”

“Who won?”

“He won one and so did I, so we ended up all square.”

Isn’t this a movie which has comparisons to Casablanca? I’d heard Bronson plays a mysterious American who runs a nightclub in an exotic port town who becomes involved with a beautiful woman whose husband worked with the resistance movement in Europe.

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My Guy – 29th September 1979

What A Nice Couple

What happens when an Angel meets a perfect gentleman? They fall in love, of course, and everything is absolutely heavenlySimon MacCorkindale and Fiona Fullerton

Once upon a time there was an actress called Fiona Fullerton who always played ever such nice parts Alice in Alice in Wonderland, a nurse in Angels and dashing Dick Barton’s girlfriend.

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Film Review – September 1978

**Taken from a larger article

Simon MacCorkindale as Arthur Davis in Riddle Of The SandsSimon MacCorkindale, 26, provides Jenny’s romantic interest in The Riddle Of The Sands. In real-life, he is married to talented young actress Fiona Fullerton.

“It’s a super part for me,” Simon exclaimed. “I had just finished my role in Death On The Nile when this film came along. Jenny and I were sent on a crash course to Cowes to learn all we could about sailing to make us look convincing on the screen.

“I had wanted to be an actor since I was about ten or eleven years old. My family had nothing to do with acting, and I first sprang it on them when I was about sixteen. Fiona’s father is an Army Colonel, and my father is a Squadron-Leader, so we both shared a Services background. We didn’t meet through our families, but indirectly through our work. The discipline is very similar in both professions. I wouldn’t have minded a career in the Services, but acting just happened to appeal to me more.”



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