My Guy – 29th September 1979

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What A Nice Couple

What happens when an Angel meets a perfect gentleman? They fall in love, of course, and everything is absolutely heavenlySimon MacCorkindale and Fiona Fullerton

Once upon a time there was an actress called Fiona Fullerton who always played ever such nice parts Alice in Alice in Wonderland, a nurse in Angels and dashing Dick Barton’s girlfriend.

Fiona came from a nice family, was very well brought up, very pretty and had lots of boyfriends (most of them a lot older than her!) She didn’t want to get married till she was 25.

Simon MacCorkindale and Fiona FullertonThen one day, Fiona was signing autographs for 5p a throw at a charity cricket match when along came this “dashingly handsome, kind, gentle and considerate” prince.

His name was Simon MacCorkindale and he wasn’t a prince really, but he didn’t half look like one.

Very soon Fiona realised that she was falling in love with Simon and when he asked her if she would marry him, she forgot that she wasn’t yet 25 and said ‘yes’.

They had a lovely white wedding at St. Paul’s Cathedral and a honeymoon in Paris. Soon after, they moved into a beautiful little cottage and now, we expect, they’re going to live happily ever after . . . Makes you sick, doesn’t it?!

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