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My Guy – 29th September 1979

What A Nice Couple

What happens when an Angel meets a perfect gentleman? They fall in love, of course, and everything is absolutely heavenlySimon MacCorkindale and Fiona Fullerton

Once upon a time there was an actress called Fiona Fullerton who always played ever such nice parts Alice in Alice in Wonderland, a nurse in Angels and dashing Dick Barton’s girlfriend.

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My Guy – 01 September 1979


There’s one thing I’m not at all keen on doing…Simon MacCorkindale

IF your Mum’s always moaning about the pictures of punks and long-haired layabouts stuck up on your bedroom walls, shell be pleased to see our pin-up of Simon MacCorkindale.

That’s because Simon is a typical clean-cut, old-fashioned Englishman. The type that she’d like to have round for tea!

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