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Photoplay – March 1978

Simon MacCorkindale as David Clement in Manions of AmericaHUSSAR — it’s Simon

WITH terrific enthusiasm, 28-year-old Simon MacCorkindale is pouring all his energy into work. I met him in London while he was having a week’s break. He’d flown in from Ireland, where he had been filming The Manions Of America.

He describes it as being, “A sweeping saga of love and romance set in the Irish famine of 1847”. It is a TV movie starring David Soul and Kate Mulgrew (alias Mrs. Columbo) to be screened in three one-hour episodes. Simon plays the part of Lieutenant David Clement. “I’m a Royal Hussar on detachment to Ireland,” he explains, “policing it like our current troops are doing in Northern Ireland at the moment. My family inherit an estate in Ireland so we are all reunited there.”

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Photoplay – March 1980


If a new vogue should develop for the kind of swashbuckling movie that brought Errol Flynn to fame, nobody would be more delighted than Simon MacCorkindale. This handsome British actor, who has made his presence felt in Death On The Nile and Riddle of The Sands, consolidates his strength in the television’s Quatermass and the adventure epic Cabo Blanco.

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Photoplay – October 1979

Simon MacCorkindale as Lewis Clarkson in CaboBlancoScrabble With Bronson

Simon MacCorkindale talks about filming CABO BLANCO in Mexico with Charles Bronson

Soon after Simon MacCorkindale returned home from Mexico filming Cabo Blanco with Charles Bronson, we arranged to meet in a London bar.

“How was Bronson?” I asked him.

“Not an easy man to get close to,” said Simon. “I liked him and we got along quite well but on a very superficial level. He sort of withdraws from the world. That’s his protection. He’s also very much a family man. The only time we talked was during working hours. I did play scrabble with him between scenes to pass the time.”

“Who won?”

“He won one and so did I, so we ended up all square.”

Isn’t this a movie which has comparisons to Casablanca? I’d heard Bronson plays a mysterious American who runs a nightclub in an exotic port town who becomes involved with a beautiful woman whose husband worked with the resistance movement in Europe.

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Photoplay – January 1979

Simon MacCorkindale as Simon Doyle in Death on The NileSimon MacCorkindale

His role as Simon Doyle in the Agatha Christie’s thriller Death On The Nile has put Simon MacCorkindale on his way to international stardom. He followed this movie with another starring role, opposite Michael York an Jenny Agutter in a thriller spy film, The Riddle Of The Sands. It is set in 1901 and is about two young Englishmen on a sailing holiday off the North-West coast of Germany who discover the Germans are planning an invasion of Britain. They try to investigate and become in plots and counter-plots of German espionage.

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Photoplay – May 1978

Simon MacCorkindale as Simon Doyle in Death on The NileSOME HONEYMOON

Who’s this happy looking couple being overlooked by a world famous landmark? It’s Simon MacCorkindale and Lois Chiles as young marrieds in a scene from Death On The Nile. They decide to spend their honey-moon in Egypt and it proves to be some honeymoon! We can expect some superb colour photography of many exciting Egyptian settings for they were filmed by Jack Cardiff as the movie’s director of photography, and Jack’s one of the best there is. John Guillermin directed this latest film which is based on an Agatha Christie thriller which stars Peter Ustinov as Hercule Poirot who tops an all-star cast.


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