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Photoplay – March 1978

Simon MacCorkindale as David Clement in Manions of AmericaHUSSAR — it’s Simon

WITH terrific enthusiasm, 28-year-old Simon MacCorkindale is pouring all his energy into work. I met him in London while he was having a week’s break. He’d flown in from Ireland, where he had been filming The Manions Of America.

He describes it as being, “A sweeping saga of love and romance set in the Irish famine of 1847”. It is a TV movie starring David Soul and Kate Mulgrew (alias Mrs. Columbo) to be screened in three one-hour episodes. Simon plays the part of Lieutenant David Clement. “I’m a Royal Hussar on detachment to Ireland,” he explains, “policing it like our current troops are doing in Northern Ireland at the moment. My family inherit an estate in Ireland so we are all reunited there.”

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Sunday People – 14th December 1980

Watch it Yanks, Simon’s coming

HOW’S THIS for confidence! That most English of actors Simon MacCorkindale is all set to conquer America—although he admits: “I am not a great talent and I’ll never win an Oscar.”

But being ” a workaholic and a great trier,” he is convinced he’ll succeed. writes TONY PURNELL.

He began his campaign to be a big name on both sides of the Atlantic when he was named promising new actor of 1979 for his part in the Agatha Christie film Death On The Nile.

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