Sunday People – 14th December 1980

Watch it Yanks, Simon’s coming

HOW’S THIS for confidence! That most English of actors Simon MacCorkindale is all set to conquer America—although he admits: “I am not a great talent and I’ll never win an Oscar.”

But being ” a workaholic and a great trier,” he is convinced he’ll succeed. writes TONY PURNELL.

He began his campaign to be a big name on both sides of the Atlantic when he was named promising new actor of 1979 for his part in the Agatha Christie film Death On The Nile.

Now it gathers strength as he stars with David Soul in a lavish new TV series called The Manions Of America.

Simon, 28. plays a dash-Ing officer in the Royal Hussars in the six-hour saga which weaves two love stories around the Irish famine of 1847.

It will be shown over here and in America and modest Simon is sure it will establish him as an international actor.

He says: ” People think it is easy to get work in America if you are considered good looking and have an English accent but it’s not true. They welcome you with open arms, give you a drink and a cigar but rarely offer you work, I think they are afraid viewers might not understand you or that any programme with a British flavour will be too sophisticated for a coast-to-coast audience.

Hopefully, the Manions series will open new doors for me so I will-return to the States in the New Year to hustle for jobs.”

It means another separation from his lovely actress wife Fiona Fullerton — she was a nurse in Angels

Simon says: Being apart is tough on both of us but three months or so is nothing out of the 60 years of marriage we have ahead of us.”


Yes, he’s confident about his marriage’ too.

“I don’t believe all that rubbish about showbiz marriages being; difficult,” he says.

“Fiona and I are very close and when we are away from each other we’re always on the phone or writing.”

Then he adds, thoughtfully “I hope that doesn’t sound too good to be true. My marriage could go wrong like anyone’s — who knows?”

Simon leaves you with the conviction that he does

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