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SMCFP On This Day: Cabo Blanco


Film: Cabo Blanco
First Aired: 1 February 1981 (USA)
Character: Lewis Clarkson

Description: Giff Hoyt, a cafe owner in Cabo Blanco, Peru after World War II is caught between refuge-seeking Nazis and their enemies. After the murder of a sea explorer is passed off as accidental death by the corrupt local police, Giff becomes suspicious. The police chief also intimidates a new arrival Marie, and Giff intervenes to help her. Giff suspects Beckdorff, a Nazi refugee living in the area. Beckdorff, it emerges, is seeking to uncover sunken treasure.

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Photoplay – October 1979

Simon MacCorkindale as Lewis Clarkson in CaboBlancoScrabble With Bronson

Simon MacCorkindale talks about filming CABO BLANCO in Mexico with Charles Bronson

Soon after Simon MacCorkindale returned home from Mexico filming Cabo Blanco with Charles Bronson, we arranged to meet in a London bar.

“How was Bronson?” I asked him.

“Not an easy man to get close to,” said Simon. “I liked him and we got along quite well but on a very superficial level. He sort of withdraws from the world. That’s his protection. He’s also very much a family man. The only time we talked was during working hours. I did play scrabble with him between scenes to pass the time.”

“Who won?”

“He won one and so did I, so we ended up all square.”

Isn’t this a movie which has comparisons to Casablanca? I’d heard Bronson plays a mysterious American who runs a nightclub in an exotic port town who becomes involved with a beautiful woman whose husband worked with the resistance movement in Europe.

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Unknown Mag – Unknown Date

Simon MacCorkindale as Simon Doyle in Death on The NileSimon MacCorkindale

Simon MacCorkindale must be one of the few actors who have turned to Charles Bronson with the words: “Oh, you great butch creature, you!” and lived to tell the tale. As it was, Charlie, laughed and appreciated the joke from the young Englishman who was recently awarded the ‘Evening News’ most promising newcomer accolade for his work on ‘Death On The Nile’ and ‘Riddle Of The Sands’.

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