Horse of The Year Show – October 2008

HOYS Interview

Simon and Susan’s interview at HOYS 2008

HOYS have updated their website and removed the interview 🙁 .  Fortunately I had a copy saved, if they put this back online, I’ll remove this copy and link back to them

SMCFP On This Day: Horse Of The Year Show

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Series: Horse of The Year Show
First Aired: Various – In October
Character: Himself

Description: Simon read the Ode To The Horse at the closing Gala for several years

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SMCFP On This Day: The Wright Stuff – 26 September


Series: The Wright Stuff
Episode: S9Ep185
First Aired: 26th September 2008

Description: Simon appeared as a panelist, topics of discussion include ‘Preaching Purity’, ‘Euro Lottery’ and ‘healthy eating’

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SMCFP On This Day: BBC Radio 5 – 11th September

Series: BBC Radio 5
First Aired: 11th September 2008

Description: Simon appeared to discuss The Sound of Music and Casualty

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Sound Of Music Programme – Aug 2008 – Feb 2009

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Simon MacCorkindale as Captain Von Trapp in The Sound of MusicCAPTAIN GEORG VON TRAPP

Theatre includes: as director, Sleuth (Texas and California), A Doll’s House (Dramalogue Award as Best Director, Matrix, Hollywood) and The Merchant of Venice (The Globe, Hollywood); as actor, Gayden Chronicles (Los Angeles), Macbeth (Ludlow Festival), Relatively Speaking (Questors and Oakington), Dark Lady of the Sonnets (NT), French Without Tears (Thorndike, Leatherhead), B-B-Que (Soho Polytechnic), Pygmalion (Albery), The Happiest Days of Your Life (Oakington), Potsdam Quartet (Yvonne Arnaud, Guildford), Back to Methuselah (Shaw Festival), Bequest to the Nation, The Front Page, Getting On and Journey’s End (Belgrade, Coventry) and, most recently, The Unexpected Guest and Sleuth (national tours).

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SMCFP On This Day: Sound Of Music (London Palladium)

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Production: Sound Of Music (London Palladium)
First Performance: 25 August 2008
Character: Captain Von Trapp

Description: This was the first date of Simon’s 6 month run as Captain Von Trapp in the Sound of Music at the London Palladium

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Daily Mail – 22nd August 2008

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Simon MacCorkindale and Susan GeorgeSo What’s It like Being Married to The World’s Sexiest Woman?

Friends with Prince Charles.  Wed to Susan George.  New Star of The Sound Of Music . . . it’s not easy being Simon MacCorkindale

Simon MacCorkindale will, I suspect, make a rather good Captain Von Trapp; not least because he appears to share some of the characteristics of The Sound Of Music’s famously stern Austrian paterfamilias.

There’s the brisk, martial manner for starters, a certain lack of levity and an absolute absence of sentimentality.

Simon, who takes over the captain’s role in the hit West End musical on Monday, is rehearsing the part with his habitual fastidious attention to detail when I arrive at the London Palladium to meet him.

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SMCFP On This Day: BBC Breakfast – 7th August

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Series: BBC Breakfast
First Aired: 7th August 2008
Description: Simon appeared on this show to discuss Sleuth

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Teletext – August 2008

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Whistling, dancing and singing are the challenges facing ex-Casualty star Simon MacCorkindale’s musical debut as Capt Von Trapp in The Sound Of Music.

He says: “They say it’s good to scare yourself from time to time and I’m going through that process.

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Simon News – Sound Of Music

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Simon is to be appearing in the West End Production of The Sound Of Music from the 25th August

Simon is expecting to do all dates between 25th August to 21st February (not to 28th). He will have 15 days off but we don’t know when yet.

All details are subject to change so please confirm with the theatre when booking

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Simon News – Minor Update

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Simon MacCorkindale wrote:

Dear Michele,

Thank you very much for the really lovely gifts you and Michael’s fans sent to us to the theatre on Saturday. They were a super surprise and a terrific send off to the tour. We had a great week in Newcastle to finish and, as always, it was lovely to see some of the members who have all been so faithful and supportive throughout.

I will keep you posted as to what is next. For now, I have to catch up with my life.

Love and best wishes


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Downing College Record – July 2008

Peter Bernard MacCorkindale

This is the speech Simon gave at his father’s memorial in November 2007

 Dad was a truly special man – a proper chap – a man’s man – a ladies man, a cheeky wink never far away

Full article:

Simon’s tribute to his dad starts near the top on page 34.

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The Journal – 30th June 2008

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Interview – Simon MacCorkindale

Thanks to Sylvia for this article

IT has more twists than a 1960s dance festival and – if done properly – a jaw-dropping surprise. Sleuth, which opens at Theatre Royal in Newcastle tonight, is a cat and mouse thriller which continually wrong-foots audiences – if they haven’t seen it before, of course.

Simon MacCorkindale, who stars in Anthony Schaffer’s award-winning play alongside former Dynasty actor Michael Praed, reckons there are still plenty of Sleuth novices around.

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Unknown Aberdeen Newspaper – 24th June 2008

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Suspense and Mystery in Classic Show

(Mainly a Sleuth review)
Thanks to Sylvia for this article

THE stage is set for the ultimate game of chance this week – played out in this version of the Anthony Shaffer classic by two of the most attractive actors in the business. Simon MacCorkindale (best-known for his role of Harry Harper in Casualty) plays Andrew Wyke, who takes on his wife’s lover Milo Tindle (played by Michael Praed of Robin of Sherwood fame) in the biggest game of his life – and there can only be one winner.

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Evening Gazette – Teeside – 13th June 2008

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Simon MacCorkindale and Micheal Praed in SleuthDetect flaw?

Thanks to Kathie – SMCFP’s Northern Correspondent 😉

Detective skills are hardly needed to work out why last year’s new film of Sleuth flopped while this year’s new theatre version is packing them in, but let the play’s star Simon MacCorkindale help work it out.

“They departed from the original material and most of the things that were attractive in the original got left out,” says the Casualty heart-throb.

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East Anglian Daily Times – 31st May 2008

Rivals are locked into a deadly game

(Mainly a Sleuth review – Contains spoilers)
Thanks to SMCFP member Kerri

SLEUTH’S first night was at the Theatre Royal Brighton 38 years ago. I was there. A few seats along from me was Laurence Olivier, who, apparently, had some unflattering things to say about it.

Two years later, with the thriller a huge hit, Olivier himself starred with Michael Caine in a film version. Now it’s back on stage with Simon MacCorkindale and Michael Praed in the two key roles.

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SMCFP On This Day: The Five Thirty Show – 27th May

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Series: The Five Thirty Show
First Aired: 27th May 2008
Description: Simon appeared on this show with Michael Praed to discuss Sleuth

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St Neots Weekly – 26-1st June 2008

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A screen and stage star raised the spirits of a group of brain injury survivors with an inspiring talk.

Thanks to maggiesangel at Holby.TV for this article

Ely- born Simon MacCorkindale – best known for his role as Harry Harper in the BBC1 hospital drama Casualty – visited members of Headway Cambridgeshire at Brookfields, in Mill Road, Cambridge.

Headway is a charity which provides support, services and information to brain injury survivors, their families and carers, as well as to professionals in the health and legal fields.

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Seven Days – Sunday Mail – 25th May 2008

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Simon MacCorkindaleI Led British Invasion Of Hollywood

The big interview Simon MacCorkindale has rubbed shoulders with tinseltown’s elite but is just as happy on stage in Glasgow

WHEN Simon MacCorkindale watches hit US shows like Lost, Ugly Betty or Pushing Daisies he can say: “Been there, done that.”

The veteran actor might be best known as Casualty heart-throb Harry Harper but his long and successful career saw him cross the Atlantic and crack America 30 years ago.

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SMCFP On This Day: ITV Yorkshire – Calendar

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Bill Kenwright production of SLEUTH by Anthony Schaffer Directed by Joe Harmston

Series: ITV Yorkshire – Calendar
First Aired: 6th May 2008

Description: Simon appeared on this show with Michael Praed to discuss Sleuth

The Weekly News – 3rd May 2008

Simon MacCorkindale as Andrew Wyke in SleuthSimon says, he’s a Casualty regular!

But not just on TV— in real life, accident-prone actor often finds himself in hospital

THERE’S a reason why Simon MacCorkindale carries off the role of consultant Harry Harper in BBC’s Casualty so well — he’s never out of his local hospital’s casualty department as a patient!

He and his wife, actress Susan George, run a very successful horse farm when not appearing on stage or screen, and Simon is very much hands-on down on the farm.

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SMCFP On This Day: The Wright Stuff – 18th April

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Series: The Wright Stuff
Episode: S9E70
First Aired: 18 April 2008

Description: Simon appeared as a guest panelist for the first time.  Topics include ‘baldness’, ‘first impressions’ and ‘drinking’

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SMCFP On This Day: BBC Radio Kent – 12th April

Series: BBC Radio Kent
First Aired: 12th April 2008

Description: Simon appeared to discuss Sleuth

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Birmingham Post – 9th April 2008

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Review: Sleuth, Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton

It seems appropriate that one of the characters in Sleuth spends a significant amount of time in a clown suit, as this production milks the comic potential of Anthony Shaffer’s twisted script.

On the opening night, underwear and cushions were hurled about with reckless abandon, threatening to bring down bits of the set. And Michael Praed finally fell foul of his size 27 feet in a pratfall behind the sofa, which appeared to leave him and co-star Simon MacCorkindale as convulsed with laughter as the audience. Whether by accident or intent it was as well executed as the rest of this slickly performed show, which also relies on deliciously barbed dialogue for its humour.

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Birmingham Post – 2nd April 2008

From CAT scans to cat and mouse

Casualty star Simon MacCorkindale tells Alison Jones why he has packed away his stethoscope and returned to the stage.

It is always a challenge following in the footsteps of an actor who has become irrevocably associated with a part.

Particularly if that actor casts as long a shadow as the late Sir Laurence Olivier.

In the recent film remake of the thriller Sleuth, director Kenneth Branagh rather cleverly got round the problem by having Michael Caine swop roles.

In the 1972 Joseph L Mankiewicz version, Caine played Milo Tindle, the upstart young lover of Olivier’s wife who is unwillingly drawn into an elaborate battle of wits.

In 2007 it was Caine’s turn to play the vengeful, cuckolded husband (Andrew Wyke), with Jude Law repeating another Caine role after already starring in Alfie.

For the stage production currently doing the regional rounds, comparisons to Larry are avoided by the fact that Andrew, played by Simon MacCorkindale, has effectively been aged down and Milo, played by Michael Praed, aged up.

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