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Hello – 12th September 2016


Looking every inch the lady of the manor as she poses against the historic backdrop of Maunsel House, a stunning medieval mansion in Somerset, time seems to have stood still for the ever youthful Susan George.

Yet the actress is experiencing monumental changes in her personal and professional life right now -changes she talks about for the first time in this exclusive interview with HELLO!.

“I’ve turned a massive corner,” she says. “I feel incredibly excited, which I never thought I’d feel again. There’s so much more to do in my lifetime and still so much to fulfill.”



Not only is Susan embracing a renaissance in her film and TV career, preparing for a one-woman stage show and completing her candid autobiography, but she is also considering a move from the wilds of Exmoor and parting with many of her Georgian Arabian horses, part of the equestrian breeding enterprise she has devoted more than two decades to.

It is all, she says, exactly what her husband, actor Simon MacCorkindale, who died of cancer at 58 in 2010, would have wanted.

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Horse of the Year Show Magazine – 4th-9th Oct 2011

Susan George’s tribute to Simon MacCorkindale

Personally 2011 has been unequivocally, the saddest one of my life, as last October, my beloved husband, Simon MacCorkindale, lost his five-year battle with cancer. Many of you will remember him for his remarkable portrayal of Surgeon Harry Harper, in the long-running series, Casualty, but alongside his acting career, he shared my passion and worked tirelessly and tenaciously to build and promote our Arabian Stud farm and we never once stopped believing.

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Saga – August 2011

The Love I Lost

Susan George, who made her name as a sex siren in Straw Dogs, lost her husband, actor Simon MacCorkindale to cancer last year. Here she shares her advice on dealing with widowhood, and explains why she’s ready to start living dangerously again

THERE IS A NOTICE STUCK TO THE FRIDGE DOOR in the kitchen of Susan George’s rambling Exmoor farmhouse. From memory, it is the only thing on any surface in an otherwise immaculate room. Handwritten in capitals, it instructs: ‘Drink a glass of water every hour. Essential’ I mention it and Susan’s huge, dark eyes fill with tears. ‘I put that there to remind Simon’ she says. ‘And I will never take it down’ Simon is Simon MacCorkindale, her late husband. An internationally acclaimed actor, best known latterly for his long-standing role as consultant Harry Harper in BBC One’s Casualty, he died in her arms of cancer last year. He and Susan had been married for 26 years – he was admitted to the London Clinic for the last time straight from the luxury hotel room he had booked as a surprise for their wedding anniversary.

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Hello – 11th April 2011

As she focuses on the future SUSAN GEORGE opens her heart for the first time about the loss of her husband and soul mate SIMON MacCORKINDALE

Tucked away in a remote comer of Exmoor with her horses and dogs around her, actress Susan George is busy – very busy. It may seem a strange time to take on such a heavy workload, but she’s the first to admit that it helps numb the pain of losing her husband and soulmate, actor Simon MacCorkindale, who lost his brave battle with cancer last October.

Just days after celebrating their 26th wedding anniversary, Simon died in Susan’s arms. He had fought the disease for five years, but when the end came it was swift and unexpected.

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Best – 2nd November 2010


Television fans around the country were saddened by the news that Casualty star Simon MacCorkindale passed away in the arms of his beloved wife actress Susan George. He was just 58.

Brave Simon, who played Dr Harry Harper, had chosen to keep the severity of his illness a secret and tried to carry on with his life and work, as normally as possible.

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Reveal – 30th October to 05th November 2010

Casualty star loses cancer battle

He became a housewives’ favourite after playing Dr Harry Harper in BBC drama Casualty for six years.  But last week, 58-year-old actor Simon MacCorkindale lost his battle with cancer and passed away in the arms of his wife, actress Susan George, 60

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Hello – 25th October 2010

‘Casualty’ and ‘Dynasty’ star SIMON MacCORKINDALE 1952-2010

Wife Susan George pays moving tribute as he loses cancer battle

Much-loved actor Simon MacCorkindale died of cancer in the arms of his wife Susan George last week, at the age of just 58.

The former Casualty star died in a London clinic after a brave four-year fight against a disease that he refused to let dominate his life.

In a moving tribute to her beloved husband of 25 years, actress Susan said: “To me, he was simply the best of everything, and I loved him with all my heart He will live on in me forever”

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Hello – 7th December 2009

Simon MacCorkindale and Susan GeorgeIN AN INSPIRING AND FRANK INTERVIEW



‘Simon is not dying of cancer – he’s living with it, That’s really important’

Actor Simon MacCorkindale is looking a picture of health, riding his quad bike across the Exmoor farm he shares with his actress wife Susan George. His rosy cheeks and positive energy make the knowledge that he is battling cancer all the harder to comprehend.

It was only last month that former Casualty star Simon, 57, revealed the secret he’d been harbouring for three and a half years. During that time, he’d thrown himself into a grueling work schedule. A schedule he now admits was ridiculous given that, when not filming the BBC medical drama, he was undergoing surgery for bowel cancer.

After that, he took on two national tours and the exacting role of Captain Georg Von Trapp in The Sound of Music in the West End, while quietly coping with the knowledge that the cancer had spread to his lungs.

But Simon is not the sort of character to sit and brood over what life throws at him.
Being told he may have only five years to live has made him all the more determined to confound the doctors’ prognosis.

“There’s not a single cancer that exists that someone hasn’t survived, so therefore nothing is incurable,” he says in his distinctive deep voice

“Never underestimate the power of the mind and spirit.”

This positive approach, coupled with homeopathic treatments and a macrobiotic diet has, he says, yielded significant results.

“I have rarely felt fitter or had more energy,” he says. But, right now, he has reduced his workload as he undergoes a six-month course of chemotherapy, a treatment that he believes will shrink the cancer and stop it spreading.

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Unknown Magazine – Unknown Date 2009

Casualty star has terminal cancer

Actor Simon MacCorkindale has revealed he is dying of lung cancer. The 57-year-old former Casualty star, who has been married to actress Susan George for 25 years, was treated for bowel cancer in 2006, but was told he’d make a full recovery. However, a year later it was found the cancer had spread to his lungs. Doctors have told him he may have just three years to live. “It came as a complete bombshell I thought I had beaten it,” he said. “But I don’t want people to think that I’m on the way out. I’m not – I’m as active as I’ve ever been.



Entertainment Guide – Winter 2008/2009


Thanks to Laura for this article

The timeless family classic, The Sound Of Music, continues to delight audiences in this lavish production at the legendary London Palladium.

Summer Strallen as Maria is now joined by TV star Simon MacCorkindale as Captain von Trapp. Simon, best known recently for his starring role as Harry Harper in BBC’s Casualty, has taken time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions about the show and his career.

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Yours – 16th December 2008 to 1st January 2009

My lessons from life…

Simon MacCorkindale

The 56-year-old Casualty star and producer reflects on religion, marriage and difficult times

Age is just a number
I don’t think of myself as getting older, so I still behave like a youngster! I haven’t calmed down or slowed down. My passion for acting and producing is as strong as it’s always been and I’m working harder than ever – currently in The Sound of Music. It’s my fourth job in a year and I don’t see why I should slow down just because I’m getting older.

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What’s on Live – Midlands – March 08

Murderous Intent

Casualty favourite Simon MacCorkindale is returning to the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre, appearing alongside ex-Robin Hood star Michael Praed in a new production of Sleuth. We take a look at the ever-popular touring show…

Simon MacCorkindale is back at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre for the second time in just over a year.

The popular actor, who’s nowadays best recognised for his portrayal of Harry Harper in the BBC TV drama series Casualty, is returning to the Midlands to star as Andrew Wyke in a new touring production of Anthony Shaffer’s Sleuth. He will be joined by another familiar televi­sion face – Michael Praed, a one­time Robin Hood and Dynasty star. Sleuth tells the story of Andrew Wyke’s devious attempt to gain revenge on his wife’s lover, Milo Tindle. Wyke cajoles Tindle into burgling his property, promising him the money, but in reality plans to kill the younger man and claim to police that he thought he was a prowler.

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Hello – October 16 2007

Simon MacCorkindale and Susan GeorgeSUSAN GEORGE


(Mainly a Susan George article)

Formerly known for her work on the big screen, these days Susan George can be forgiven for horsing around behind the camera. The actress turned equestrian photographer has been celebrating her first major exhibition in Mayfair. The Straw Dogs star and film icon of the 1970s has latterly turned her attention to Arabian horses, which she breeds at the farm in Somerset that she owns with her husband of 23 years, Casualty star Simon MacCorkindale.

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Hello – 11 September 2007

Pictured At Home With Her Magnificent Arabian Horses

Actress Susan George Reveals Why She Gave Up Hollywood For The Good Life

(Mainly a Susan George article)

While Susan George remains firmly embedded in the nation’s psyche for her illustrious film career, these days the actress is more likely to to be found delivering foals than lines from a script

In a move that has taken her far from the bright lights of Hollywood, the Straw Dogs star now spends her time breeding Arabian horses at the farm she shares with her husband of 22 years, Casualty star Simon MacCorkindale. In turn, the magnificent animals have led to Susan’s inspired venture into photography.

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What’s On Theater Guide – Midlands – Jan-Apr 2007

Simon MacCorkindaleMurder most Foul

Casualty Star Simon MacCorkindale talks about his latest play, Agatha Christie’s The Unexpected Guest, and explains how close he came to playing James Bond. . .

What’s The Unexpected Guest about, Simon?

It’s the story of a man who arrives at a property in South Wales after having trouble with his car. When he enters the property he finds a dead body, and a woman who claims she’s responsible for the murder. The man, for a variety of reasons, decides to set about trying to give her an alibi…

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Yours – Unknown Date 2007

Simon MacCorkindale as Harry Harper in CasualtyDoctor Dashing

Casualty viewers have missed the charismatic consultant Harry Harper since he left Holby General last February. But now he’s back!

Harry Harper is arguably TV’s most debonair doctor. But in the flesh, Casualty actor Simon MacCorkindale (55) is, if possible, even more dashing. Immaculately dressed and speaking in deep tones, which are every bit as reassuring and in control as his on-screen alter ego’s, he surely is every woman’s idea of a dream doctor. Many of the letters Simon receives express the wish that he was a real doctor.

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Unknown – 31st January 2006

Shock news for Harry

Thanks to for this one

Consultant Harry Harper seems to have the weight heavily on his shoulders at the moment. Facing constant battles with Corporate Manager Nathan which nearly led him to resign, the stress of his SHO Guppy blaming him for his father’s suicide and fed up with being the subject of hospital gossip after staff found out about his brief affair with nurse Ellen.

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Unknown Magazine – 24th August 2005

No more soft soap for Simon

Simon MacCorkindale tells Graham Kibble-White why he likes parts to come with a cause…

Thanks to Holby.TV for this article

As part of the BBC’s DoNation season, Holby City and Casualty join forces for a special interactive episode in which viewers can vote to determine the outcome of an organ donation storyline.

Central to the process will be Casualty’s director of emergency medicine Harry Harper, who’ll reveal the decision at the end of the show.

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Women’s Weekly – 29th March 2005

Simon MacCorkindaleSimon MacCorkindale: I believe in synchronicity

During the Seventies, actor Simon MacCorkindale was one of our biggest heartthrobs. These days, he runs his own film company and has returned to the small screen in Casualty. But it could all have turned out differently…

My father was a pilot in the Royal Air Force and in the first 17 years of my parents’ marriage — I was born in the second year — they moved house 21 times. So it was a very nomadic upbringing. There was a bit of rogues and vagabonds about it, which is what actors used to be.

I always invented games, which I think came out of being a child in the air force and never having the same group of friends for very long, so, in the end you have the potential to become quite insular. My brother, who is a couple of years younger, and I used to invent things together.

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Unknown Magazine – Unknown Date 2005

Simon MacCorkindaleSimon MacCorkindale

Driving ban for actor after hit-and-run

Actor Simon MacCorkindale, who plays Harry Harper in the BBC hospital drama Casualty, has been banned from driving for two months and ordered to pay £5,000 after pleading guilty to leaving the scene of an accident in which a cyclist was left with head injuries.

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Generation Series – Jan-Mar 2003

Manimal, The Legend of The Man Animal

Translated from the original French, so readability is a little strange.  Translated by SMCFP Member Nadeia

The man-animal, is one of the most popular myth: Minotaur, Sphinx, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, The Island of Dr Moreau, Tarzan, The Fly, Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk, Werewolf, the Beast of Gévaudan, Cat people, The Creature from the black Lagoon, and The Man from Atlantis, to list only the most famous which inspired widely legends, literature, movies, comics and television.

After the bionical man (the six million dollars man), knight rider (K2000), cybernetic man (Automan), the writer-producer-director Glen A. Larson and Donald Boyle, decided to adapt the myth of the man-animal.

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Hello – 19th March 2002

Simon MacCorkindale and Susan GeorgeSusan George and Simon MacCorkindale

Take A Break In Mauritius Before She Launches Her New Singing Career And He Prepares For A Starring Role In Hit Hospital Drama Casualty

Even the most assiduous actress needs rest and refreshment. But seven long years had passed without Susan George taking time out in the sun. “I’d almost forgotten how much I enjoyed holidays,” says the fine-boned blonde with the fierce work ethic and a long-ago romantic link with Prince Charles.

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Hello – 19th December 2000

Simon MacCorkindale and Susan GeorgeDedicating the Success of Her New Venture to Her Beloved Late Sister

Susan George Tells Why Christmas Will Be Tingled With Sadness

(Mainly a Susan George article)

It won’ t be stockings but stable duty for Susan George on Christmas morning. In “scruffy jeans and a flat cap”, she’ll be outdoors early, feeding, watering and hanging hay nets for her 20-odd Arabian horses. It’s a long way from Hollywood for the star of Straw Dogs and many other films, but the 12-acre Northants stud farm Susan shares with her husband, actor Simon MacCorkindale, is the fulfillment of a long-held dream.

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736 views – OK – August 1996

How we cheated death on the M40

This site looks like it’s no longer online, so here is the full article.

For an instant, the Range Rover was travelling on two wheels. Then, with a terrifying inevitability, it rolled over on to its side and skidded across three lanes of heavy traffic before coming to a stop on the hard shoulder of the motorway.

Inside the car, Susan George was stunned, battered and bruised. Her head was gushing blood. But when she heard her husband’s voice say: ‘It’s all right darling, we’re alive,’ she knew she was going to survive. It was, without a doubt, nothing short of a miracle that the couple escaped such a crash with their lives. Their Range Rover, on the other hand, was a complete write-off.

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Hello – June 29 1996

Simon MacCorkindale and Susan GeorgeSusan George In Motorway Crash With Husband Simon

Susan George and husband Simon MacCorkindale had a narrow escape earlier this week when the car they were travelling in crashed on the M40 in Oxfordshire.

The couple were taken to Radcliffe Infirmary where Susan was treated for a head wound and Simon, who injured his neck, was kept in overnight for observation.

The couple were on their way to London for the Stella Artois tennis tournament when the accident happened. Their Range Rover hit the central barrier, somersaulted


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